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Foam Ceiling Tiles

20"x20" Foam Ceiling Tiles

Our foam-based ceiling tiles are produced with highest quality in mind. We import ceiling tiles from European Union factories where strict manufacturing quality control is in place. When compared to our competitors you will notice that our foam tiles are more dense and rigid. Although the foam material is 3mm - 5mm thick, each styrofoam ceiling tile will provide additional sound and heat insulation within your house. We have great results in installing these ceiling tiles in Home Theaters and Media Rooms as they dampen the sound and minimize the echo. The foam tiles are also fully moisture and humid resistant making them an ideal product for most any residential application that include: Kitchen Ceiling, Bathroom Ceiling, Outdoor Lanai and Foyer.
The foam ceiling tiles can be easily glued to most any surface such as stucco, pop corn texture, orange peal, sheet rock, plywood, and even old 12"x12" acoustical tiles. 

Take a look at our product line up to view large selection of designs and finishes that we have available.