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Soudal 50A - Styrofoam Ceiling Tile Adhesive

Antique Ceilings

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Soudal 50A is manufactured specifically for gluing foam ceiling tiles up to the ceiling. You may still use "Acryl Pro" available from Home Depot, however, if you wish to use a glue in an easy to apply tube, please consider our Soudal 50A. 

Each tube of Soudal 50a will give you about 15-20 ceiling tile (20"x20") or about 25-30 plank (38"x6.5") coverage. 

- All Purpose Adhesive
- Permanent Adhesive
- Ideal for Foam (styrofoam) Ceiling Tiles

Soudal 50A is an all purpose installation glue.
Characteristics: White color, paste texture, it does not contain solvents, very good adhesion.
USE: Use for permanent gluing of decorative, installation and finish elements of wood, ceramics, polystyrene foam, cork, polyurethane, PVC, metal to absorbing surface. Ideal adhesive for the foam ceiling tiles.